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Quality Orthodontic Care

  • Offers the new Non-Ligating Braces
  • Modern Technology in Braces Treatment
  • Joint Collaboration with A*Star
  • Featured in The Straits Times & The Business Times
  • Less Discomfort & Straighten Teeth More Quickly
  • Caring For Local & Expat Community
  • Transparent & Affordable Pricing at just $4,950
  • No Hidden Cost & GST

What is Non-Ligating Braces

The newly developed non ligating braces not only causes less discomfort, but they also straighten teeth more quickly. The non-ligating braces consist of bracket slots made of titanium alloy, which keeps them flexible, unlike those used in typical braces. When force is applied by the wire during orthodontic treatment, the bracket slots flex.

In conventional braces, bracket slots are held together by rubber band or clips. Pressure from the wire, which is placed over the slots, then helps to move the teeth into the desired position and that may cause pain and discomfort to the patients. The new non-ligating braces works better and faster than conventional braces as it requires no additional measures to secure the wire.

Our Orthodontist – Dr Tan Kok Liang

Dr Tan is an accredited orthodontist by the Ministry of Health with more than 20 years’ experience caring for the local and expatriate community in Singapore.

He is a fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics and a member of the Association of Orthodontists, Singapore. He was registered as a specialist in Orthodontics, General Dental Council (United Kingdom) from 1999.

Besides treating patients from adolescents to adults, Dr Tan spends a day every week in the research and design of newer and better orthodontic braces. He currently has patents in the field of newer and more advanced types of orthodontic braces.


Orthodontists general straighten teeth with conventional braces in 3 separate stages

  • Stage 1 - Alignment of teeth
  • Stage 2 - Closure of spaces and jaw to jaw co-ordination
  • Stage 3 - Finishing which includes fine-tuning the 3-dimensional positions of individual teeth

With the new non-ligating braces, Stage 2 can be started almost as soon as treatment is started and Stage 3 can be started before finishing Stage 2.

Although each individual stage may take the same time, this overlapping of stages in non-ligating braces helps the orthodontist to reduce treatment time

Our first consultation is $50 and this charge will be waived should you take up braces treatment with our clinic.

You are strongly advised to request an appointment with our staff by calling or emailing us to ensure that a time slot is allocated for our orthodontist to meet you. Please call our clinic at +65 6235 6325.

Orthodontists are dental specialists with postgraduate training in the field of orthodontics. They have acquired the professional skills in the application of the use of different types of corrective appliances (braces) in orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist is the most qualified person to diagnose, prevent and treat any problems you might have with the alignment of your teeth and jaws.

Call us at +65 6235 6325

or Send Us Your Enquiry

Other Braces Available

Metal Braces

Metal braces (stainless steel) are the most popular type and economical type of braces used. Different colours can be added to your metal braces for fun and excitement.

Priced at $3,950 NETT
(All in NETT cost with no hidden charges & GST)

Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces are aesthetic choices for those who don't want their braces to show as clearly. These ceramic braces move your teeth in exactly the same way as metal braces do.

Priced at $4,950 NETT
(All in NETT cost with no hidden charges & GST)

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